Screen Capture Homebrew Application, Now Available

Originally, I was slightly disappointed that my first Windows Phone device didn’t have the ability to take screen captures. Many people were in fact; the ability to do screen captures is a much desired feature, in particular for app reviewers.┬áNow, thanks to fiinix over at the XDA-Developer forums, Windows Phone can now take screen captures via this homebrew application.

It should be noted that this application does require you to use the “dehydration hack” which also means you must be developer unlocked but it will enable it the registry edit automatically for you and there is a checkbox to turn it off afterwards. Let us know what you think of this over on our forums.

From XDA-Developers:
- Enter this app
- Navigate to the app you want to capture (no more than 2 apps in between (this app will be killed by “Watchdog”))
- Hold “focus” (not click, >focus), for at least 500ms
- Wait for messagebox to verify capture
- (SUCCESS) > Located under “Pictures > All > Saved Pictures”

Via: WPCentral
Source: XDA-Developers

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