Saving Your Battery Life On Windows Phone 7.5

As part of Tip Tuesday this week over at the Windows Phone blog, Michael Stroh gives us a quick heads up on the new battery saver feature added with the Windows Phone 7.5 update. With over 500 features included in the update, it’s expected that everyone is using their current Windows Phone a little (ok, a lot) more. Microsoft included a battery saver feature with the update for the purpose of giving you a little more time with your phone, and if you also just want some stats on the battery life of your phone.

You’ll also note in the screenshots below you can either set battery saver to turn on the moment you are accessing the options for it, or you can set it to turn on whenever your battery is low. Generally, from our own experience your phone will claim low battery at less than ten percent. It seems it can sometimes vary by software version or the device being used. Check out Stroh’s quick post below.

On Start, flick left, then tap Settings>System>Battery Saver. When turned on, Battery Saver automatically shuts off a few key background activities to help you squeeze more power from the battery. You can also see roughly how much juice you have left. For the full skinny on Battery Saver, and a longer list of power-saving ideas, check out this handy tip sheet on the Windows Phone website.

You can see whether Battery Saver is turned on in Settings. 

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