Samsung’s Movl Connect Platform Picks Up Windows Phone 7

With the new and great features already available on Samsung Smart TVs, and the many more new features announced at CES 2012, the Movl Connect Platform behind it all has picked up Windows Phone 7. As shown in many areas around the Movl Connect Beta website, the Windows Phone 7 has been added to the team of devices that will work with Samsung Smart TVs to deliver a multi-screen, multi-screen, multi-user interactive and connected experience.

The Movl Connect Platform provides the tools for developers to work on creating their applications for handheld smartphones and devices, and then deliver those same applications on user Smart TVs. Currently, based on the downloads available, developers may use the following APIs for their applications: iOS API, Android API, JavaScript API, ActionScript 3 API and ActionScript 2 API. The Movl Connect website is very nicely laid out and available with plenty of examples, forums, tutorials and future plans on the development of this future vision. We urge developers on the Windows Phone 7 to take advantage of this platform as the new Samsung Smart TVs look mighty impressive, and great for taking advantage of Movl Connect.

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