Samsung Focus Unboxing

Samsung Focus Unboxing Video

Did you pick up your Samsung Focus today? Looks like Amazon is sold out and quantities are limited at AT&T stores. We were able to score the new Samsung Focus. The ceremonial unboxing follows complete with size comparisons to the iPhone 4, Nexus One and the Palm Pre Plus. Have questions or want to share your experiences with the Focus? Fire away in our Samsung … [Read more...]

Amazon Sells Out Of The Samsung Focus


According to our poll, the Samsung Focus is by orders of magnitude the most anticipated WP7 device, with almost half of our respondents saying that was their handset of choice. It appears you guys aren't the only ones who want the phone, as Amazon has completely sold out of the device. Time to go hit up your local AT&T store, see if they have any left in stock! [via … [Read more...]

More Information On MicroSDs And Windows Phone 7 Handsets


The ongoing saga of the MicroSD slot and WP7 is an interesting one. Some phones have them easily accessible, some don't appear to have them at all. So far, the Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Trophy don't seem to have an easily visible slot, but the HTC HD7 does. Well, here's information on two more: The Samsung Focus has one that's really easy to get to, just next to the … [Read more...]

Best Buy Stocks HTC Surround, Where is the Samsung Focus?

Best Buy HTC Surround

If you're like me, you're plotting your place of purchase of your new Windows Phone 7 device on Monday. According to my local Best Buy (your mileage might vary), they won't have stock of the Samsung Focus on Monday. They are taking pre-orders for the HTC Surround, also an AT&T phone. If you visit Best Buy's website, you'll see the HTC Surround listed, but the Samsung Focus … [Read more...]

Poll: Which Windows Phone 7 phone are you buying?

You've had an eternity to think about it, but the day is finally coming on Monday when Windows Phone 7 goes on sale through both AT&T and T-Mobile. So, we put the question to you, which Windows Phone are you buying on Monday? Please feel free to use the comments or our Windows Phone forums to let us know what has impacted your decision. Which Windows Phone are you … [Read more...]