SanDisk 8GB Class 2 MicroSD Is First WP7 Certified Card


Sorting out a MicroSD card for your WP7 device is tricky. Very tricky. We've heard all sorts of different claims about what cards are and aren't okay, but the eventual truth is that they need to be certified usable by Microsoft and the OEMs. Well, we may just have heard word of the very first officially approved card. On Samsung's support page for the Focus it says the … [Read more...]

The Great Windows Phone 7 microSD Kerfuffle Part Deux


Earlier this week we touched on the problems and lack of information plaguing new Windows Phone 7 owners when it comes to compatible microSD expansion memory cards. To this day, there have been conflicting reports on what works and what doesn't work. Class ratings do not seem to be a guarantee that a card will work in your Windows Phone 7 device. Right now, it's all over the … [Read more...]

Radio Shack to carry Windows Phone 7 devices


News tonight from Radio Shack in the form of a press release announcing that the retailer will carry three Windows Phone 7 devices this week. The Shack will offer phones for both AT&T and T-Mobile: Samsung Focus ($199.99) , LG Quantum ($179.99) for AT&T Wireless HTC HD7 ($199.99)  on T-Mobile We're not sure why, but the HTC Surround (which is available at … [Read more...]

AT&T Windows Phone 7 Ads Are Adorable

AT&T has put out a couple of TV spots for two of their WP7 handsets, marking the first ads we've seen that have actually focused on the individual models and their strengths, rather than the platform as a whole. What can I say, the CG monsters are freaking adorable! Well done, AT&T, and I can't wait to see more! As a bonus, here's a Facebook video the company made … [Read more...]

How To Tether With A Samsung Windows Phone 7 Handset


MobilityDigest have discovered a way to flip their Samsung WP7 phone into USB mode, allowing them to tether from the device. Here's the step-by-step: 1) open your phone and dial “##634#” then press call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu (going forward this icon appears in your programs so you don’t need to dal that again). This is just a phone dialer with a little icon and … [Read more...]