NoDo For HTC Surround, Deutsche Telekom & Optus Delivering Alongside “7392” Update

The usual "Latest update news" has been posted by Eric Hautala over at the Windows Phone Blog. In this update, the NoDo update is now being delivered for AT&T HTC Surround devices, Deutsche Telekom and Optus customers. Telstra customers in Australia have now been updated into the scheduling phase of receiving the March NoDo update. Furthermore into the status update, … [Read more...]

More NoDo Update Blues for Samsung Focus Rev 1.4 Owners

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

Just when you thought the NoDo update drama was over, we're hearing that might not be the case for a group of Samsung Focus owners. Microsoft's support forum indicates that there are two versions of Samsung Focus hardware - rev.1.3 and rev 1.4. AT&T has approved the update for the Samsung Focus, but those users with Rev 1.4 hardware are not receiving the update. If … [Read more...]

Last In Line, AT&T Finally Sets A Date For NoDo Release

In an exclusive internal email posted over at WinRumors, AT&T has finally set a date for the NoDo update release. The release ┬áis (finally!) set for April 19, upon which NoDo will be available all at once for LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices. It seems HTC Surround users won't be so fortunate, as AT&T states that NoDo release won't happen until mid-May release. There … [Read more...]

AT&T Drops Price On Samsung Focus, LG Quantum

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 4.25.11 PM

Continuing the ongoing price war of Windows Phone 7, AT&T is now offering two of their handsets for just $49.99 on a two-year contract. The Samsung Focus and LG Quantum have both been dropped to that price, assuming you sign up for the usual deal: two-year plan and minimum $15/month in data. What's really odd is that the press release says these are going for $50 each, … [Read more...]

Poll: Have you received the February Windows Phone update?

Last month, Microsoft announced a 'pre-update' update known as the February Windows Phone update. The update didn't offer any enhancements or features. It was intended to prepare your phone for the upcoming NoDo update that is slated for early-March. NoDo brings speed improvements, copy & paste and improved search in the Marketplace. There were reports that some Samsung owners … [Read more...]