Samsung Omnia 7 Updates Resume For SFR Along With Update Page Changes

Microsoft has now posted their weekly update on updates, courtesy of Eric Hautala, GM of Customer Experience Engineering, over at the Windows Phone Blog. This week there isn’t much news on the Samsung Focus 7392 update (which is still being tested), but Omnia 7 users on SFR in France now have their update rollout resumed. With this update post of the week, Hautala also brings us news on some changes to the “Where’s my phone update?” page. Specifically, updates are no longer listed by the month they were released, but are now listed as there respective build number. For example, the update listed as “February” released earlier this year is now listed as 7008. Progress information has now been added for the 7392 update, the only update being worked on currently, which provides some certificate security fixes.

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