Samsung Has Windows Phone 7 Low On Priority

While talking to Reuters, Samsung announced that Android phones would be their big push, and WP7 would only get a passing glance. Ouch. “We are Prioritizing our Android platform. Android is very open and flexible, and there is a consumer demand for it,” said YH Lee, head of marketing at Samsung Mobile. As for Windows Phone 7, “there is still some professional, specialized demand there.”

At least we can take some small solace that we’re not Nokia, as “we are not seeing visible demand for Symbian.”

I think we all understand that Microsoft will have an uphill battle with WP7, given the current state of the market, and getting major manufacturers on board is a key part of that. Having a company produce only one or two WP7 phones while making dozens for other platforms is less than ideal.

[via Engadget]


  1. JoJo says

    The Windows Phone 7 handsets coming out are rather mediocre.

    It gives me the impression that none of the OEMs are giving Windows Phone 7 their priority. This is despite Microsoft paying for the hardware R&D (that the OEMs would normally have to pay for). There are no stand-out “glory” handsets in the ones that will be offered at launch time.

    Maybe next year, in 2011, there will be better WP7 handsets on offer, like the fabled Dell Lightning.

  2. omar says

    I think it would be severely short sighted for a company like Samsung to come out and make a decision on an Os like WP7 before it even comes out. To say that WP7 will have only professional appeal when MS just went through a revamp to make it mass appealing is a blind sided statement. And to limit yourself to an OS like Android which have been riding the iPhone wave for lack of any other alternative os is not proven with any other competitor os especially one with Microsoft’s caliber and know-how. I will buy a WP7 when it comes out I would never invest in an Android only for lack of a better alternate Os. So good luck Samsung …

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