Samsung Focus Updates Now Tested, Microsoft Expediting Scheduling

Finally, the Samsung Focus updates have completed testing! Even though (supposedly) only revision 1.4 devices were affected by the update problems earlier this year, since then all Focus updates have been halted. Eric Hautala over at the Windows Phone Blog provided us with the usual update on updates today. He brings us the great news that the updates have finally concluded testing phase and that they are now “expediting scheduling.” This situation with Samsung Focus devices only applies (and has always applied) to you if you have AT&T as your carrier. Also promised, within 24 hours Eric Hautala will jump on the blog again to explain how you will be able to receive the update. Apparently, as Hautala makes it sound, the update will be able within the next 24 hours as well.

Samsung Focus Rev 1.3

The Samsung Focus exists in REV 1.3 and REV 1.4, both will have updates resumed soon!

Samsung Focus updates being delivered once again will be the final link in the chain of updates that have been provided to all Windows Phones so far this year. Once Samsung Focus updates are completed all phones will be alike software-wise. As usual, to receive your update you will receive two notifications back-to-back. One notification is for the 7008 update followed by the 7392 update (which will include copy and paste if you never had time to receive it). As of publishing this article the Where’s my phone update? page still shows the HTC Surround and LG Quantum as the only ones receiving the update(s) on AT&T, still no mention of the Focus.

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