Samsung ChatON Windows Phone Application Will Not Remain Exclusive


After Samsung released their ChatON application only a few days ago, there is now word that the application will not remain exclusive to Samsung Windows Phones, but will be available on all Windows Phones. It was a strange sight at first to see Samsung’s ChatON application only available to their own Windows Phones, despite being available on Android, iOS, and Blackberry too without exclusivity among them.

According to Mi Móvil Windows, Samsung is in fact going to make the ChatON application available for download on all Windows Phones. Considering the ChatON application may not be the most popular in the world, it is nice to see that it will be available for all Windows Phones for users to communicate with each other and on other platforms.

Samsung, good call on removing the exclusivity if you want some attention directed to the application. As soon as ChatON becomes available to all Windows Phones, we will surely post it up.


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