Rumors Continue To Mount For Nokia/WP7 Deal

The specter of Windows Phone 7 on a Nokia handset continues to pop up, avoiding even the most Ghostbuster-like attempts to quash it. Today, both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have put up articles saying the two companies will form a partnership in the near future — and neither is a company taken to running their mouth off.

According to Bloomberg, Elop will announce Nokia’s plans at a London event tomorrow, and his previous work with Microsoft has him placed closely with the company. Both papers suggest that Elop has been in talks with both Microsoft and Google, but that the former is significantly more likely to occur.

On a more far-flung note, a rumor popped up that WP7 is about to be ported to the Nokia N9, rescuing the otherwise imperiled device.

The sheer volume of rumors really does make you think that there might be some truth to all the chatter.

[via Engadget, WMPU]

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