Rumor: Windows Phone 7 To Get “Tuck And Paste”

When Microsoft showed off their since cancelled Courier prototype, one of the bits of design genius in it was “tuck and paste.” Any piece of information you wanted to store away to use later, you dragged into the seam of the two-sided notebook, and pulled it out again when you needed it.

According to MSFT Nerd, WP7 might be getting something similar. Instead of being tucked in the seams, you would drag the content to the top of the screen, and grab it down again later. Here’s how it would break down:

  1. To select items, you simply press-&-hold like you would now, and a cursor appears for text content.
  2. Once you’ve finished selecting, long-press somewhere on the selected text.
  3. The content now lifts up & floats on a plane above that of the rest of the content, which fades/blurs out a bit. (Steps 1 & 2 are combined for images)
  4. Without lifting your finger, you should drag the content up to the edge opposite the app-bar of the screen (as indicated by a “aurora of white/black color emanating from that edge). It gets attracted to that edge as you get closer, like a magnet & snaps to the edge when you release your finger.
  5. For text, WP7 encloses it in a box colored the same as your theme, with images simply thumbnailed. Corners of these boxes/images peek out of the top edge, while content exists in the clipboard. If you take your finger close to that edge, the content responds by tilt-shifting back into the depth a bit.
  6. If you long-press near the top, the content slips out further. Here you can now drag one piece down to wherever you want to paste it and release it.

This is very much a rumor at this stage, but it would be an intriguing way to deal with the copy and paste problem.

[via WMPU]


  1. kevyn says

    Oh, wow. That would be so totally BA. They should have this ready at launch and sneak it in as a surprise… when you get your phone home and do your first sync with Zune software… a firmware update pops up and gives you this.

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