Rumor: Windows Phone 7 To Be Severely Limited in Some Countries

A rumor has popped up that unless your in one of  a small number of countries, your copy of Windows Phone 7 might come severely limited. The word is that non-EFIGS countries are going to get the shaft — those are countries which don’t speak English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. So if you’re not part of one of those markets, your phone might be limited in the following way:

  • Marketplace functionality will be limited
  • No Xbox Live service
  • No Zune support
  • Only web and e-mail content could be displayed on native language without localized phone menus
  • Just default keyboards for starters, no local characters
This boils down to the sheer volume of work that localization requires, making sure that all special character sets and menu items are included. If this rumor is true, hopefully it could be added via a software patch.
[via WME]

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