Rumor: Nine New Windows Phone Devices To Be Introduced on May 24th?

On May 24th, Microsoft’s invite only event is supposed to offer insight into what consumer features will be available on Windows Phone 7.5. This we know, but what phones will be showcasing the new features. Not much has been said about possible new hardware, until now. There are rumors circulating courtesy of WMPoweruser that up to 9 new Windows Phone devices will be on display on May 24th. Their release dates will coincide with Mango sometime this fall, but this could be a preview of new hardware.

The 24th was already shaping up to be a big day. We’re not sure what to make of this rumor. If they show off new hardware, it could take the spotlight off Mango. Not only that, but it could impact sales of current handsets. Why buy a Samsung Focus or HTC Trophy if there are new handsets just a few months out?

via WMPoweruser

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