Rumor: AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 To Arrive Much Sooner Than April 22

According to a proclaimed assistant manager at a California AT&T store over on The Verge forums, the Nokia Lumia 900 is currently set at a tentative April 8th release date. The Verge admits they had no way of immediately verifying such information (no one does at this moment really), but that Microsoft Stores are expecting shipments to be ready for the second week of April. This is much sooner than the original April 22nd delay.

Now, we did notice April 8, 2012 is a Sunday (and also Easter holiday) so we figured most AT&T stores would probably be closed. The Verge notes that AT&T usually launches devices on a Sunday to prequel all promotional events for that same week. The Verge also has information that Microsoft will offer exclusive money value app cards for use on the marketplace with Lumia 900 purchases. Microsoft Store sales will even involve Xbox 360 promotions with the Lumia 900 Windows Phone. Microsoft and Nokia are prepared to leave another mark with the Lumia 900 launch in their “rolling thunder” promotional campaign. The rumored $99 price point still stands thus far for the Nokia Lumia 900.

If anything, we suspect the April 8th date will see closed AT&T stores, but for employees to voluntarily attend learning sessions for the device. These learning sessions will prepare for the week of April 8th and its promotional activities to take place. Just a hunch.


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