Rovio’s new game franchise, Amazing Alex, coming soon to Windows Phone


Although the rest of the titles from the Angry Birds franchise are not available on the Windows Phone, developer Rovio is moving on with more games. Rovio does have Angry Birds available on Windows Phone, and Angry Birds Space is still on the way, supposedly.

Rovio has revealed through a Twitter reply that their new game franchise, Amazing Alex, is to come later to the Windows Phone. The Amazing Alex franchise has actually been taken up by Rovio, after initially started by developer Mystery Coconut in 2011.

PC, Mac & Windows Phone versions are to come later, post launch! And I guess that’s a bit of an exclusive for you :)

Many are already assuming that by “to come later”, Rovio will most likely release Amazing Alex on the Windows Phone after Windows Phone 8 becomes available. Considering Rovio is supposedly still working on Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone, there is no indication that Amazing Alex will release on current Windows Phone 7.5 devices.



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