Rovio Bought By EA, Paving the way for Angry Birds for WP7?

Chillingo, the publisher behind the insanely popular Angry Birds app, has been purchased by Electronic Arts. Yes, the same EA that’s bringing four major titles to Windows Phone 7. Rovio has yet to commit to bring Angry Birds to Windows Phone 7 and recently they were none too pleased about an Angry Birds icon appearing on a Microsoft website. Ultimately, most expected Rovio would bring their Angry Birds franchise to Windows Phone 7, but perhaps this will seal the deal.

Update: We spoke too soon. While EA has acquired Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds, Rovio remains independent and still retains control over the Angry Birds franchise.

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7

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Gizmodo via everythingandroid


  1. techieg says

    WP7 does not need angry bird to succeed, WP7 will succeed without it anyway. The question is for Rovio to decide if they want to reach a wider audience and reap more revenue.

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