Report: Sony Has WP7 Handsets In Pipeline

Sony has never flat out said they won’t be making a Windows Phone 7 handset, but we haven’t seen much from them suggesting they will. If we’re to believe industry source and gossip mongers DigiTimes, they’ve got something up their sleeves:

Sony Ericsson products in 2011 will have an entertainment theme, and will mainly support Android but Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices are also in the pipeline, according to sources from Taiwan-based handset makers.

Sony was announced as one of the launch partners at the original MWC unveil of WP7, but have remained more or less quiet about the platform.

I just hope that if they do come to WP7, they don’t screw things up as badly as they have on Android.


  1. Jon says

    They can’t screw things up because luckily, Microsoft doesn’t allow manufacturers mess with their OS, which is the major problem with the Android platform.. and MS also have set high minimum requirements for the manufacturers to follow so that WP7 run smoothly!

    That said, I would definitely consider a WP7 phone by Sony Ericsson! I really like their design.

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