Registry Hack Brings Instant Resuming

If you’re plagued by the “Resuming…” screen that occupies WP7 while it thinks, then this hack might make you extremely happy — though we don’t know its side effects yet. Spotted by Windows Phone Hacker, this tweak will bring you back to exactly where you were when you return to an application, without the resuming warning. If you have a developer unlocked device, all you have to do is edit the following registry key:


and set “DehydrateOnPause” to 0 (defaults to 3).

Simple, no? This is only for apps that you access via unlocking the screen or hitting the back button, so it won’t help with launching it anew from the OS. The side effects aren’t really understood yet, but rumors peg it as potentially hitting RAM usage and battery life.

MobilityDigest has a rather nice write-up of just how fun this hack is.

[via PocketNow]


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    Speed on resume is impressive. I’m not in developer mode, nor do I want to miss out on NoDo.

  2. says

    I can certainly see “side effects” on my game. The game is not always supposed to return to the state it was before being tombstoned (specifically, if it was in the “playback” mode before being deactivated, the playback is supposed to be by-passed on re-activation) but the hack forces it into that state, which essentially breaks the app.

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