Poll: Have you received the February Windows Phone update?

Last month, Microsoft announced a ‘pre-update’ update known as the February Windows Phone update. The update didn’t offer any enhancements or features. It was intended to prepare your phone for the upcoming NoDo update that is slated for early-March. NoDo brings speed improvements, copy & paste and improved search in the Marketplace. There were reports that some Samsung owners were experiencing problems, so Microsoft pulled the update. Yesterday we saw an announcement that the update was back on again. There have been sporadic reports that Samsung owners are once again experiencing problems with the February update.

What’s odd is that plenty of HTC owners haven’t received the update yet either. Several members in our Windows Phone forums are still seeing build ‘7004’ and no updates available. The February update should bring your phone to ‘7008’.

Have you received your update? Let us know by taking this quick poll and jump in this thread if you’d like to discuss how it went for you.


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    I’m still on ‘7004’. I haven’t seen an update on the phone or in Zune software. It’s not for lack of trying to find it.

  2. pik says

    i received the notification on my mozart but haven’t updated yet, i’m waiting until the proper nodo update and then some more to check the feedback first :)

  3. Chris Coyle says

    Still at 7004 LG Quatum AT&T. I’m hearing that carriers could be or are blocking updates? Why would a carrier benefit or need to block an update anyway? I don’t understand this report in the media. Can someone explain why they would want to block?

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