Podcasts Coming to Zune Marketplace on WP7

If there is one huge section missing from the Zune Marketplace on the Windows Phone 7 devices, it’s the ability to download or view podcasts on the go. Many apps do exist to pull podcasts from their respective providers, but nothing exists within the integrated Zune Marketplace. Now there seems to be evidence, as provided by French website MonSmartphone.net, that shows possible podcast integration coming soon. Below you can find a short translation of the full article found on the website along with some source images. There is no expected release for this feature to go public, but we can hope it happens soon enough. Speculation on the source website also states it will come with the “big update” later this year.

How important is it for you to have the ability to download podcasts using an integrated service?

If we are to believe some system files in Windows 7 Phone, podcasts arrive soon directly on the smartphone.

Following this discovery, one of our members, pth, could activate the service part, I could not add a button that lists all the podcasts but they are present during the search the Marketplace.

For now, podcasts are presented in list form:

* audio podcasts
* Video Podcasts

Two actions are possible, either download or view them in two different formats, audio and video:

[translated from French to English using Google Translate]

(Click to view full images)

Source: MonSmartphone.net

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