Pocket Light Turns Moto Q Into Flashlight

Armanta’s Pocket Light is an new software application that turns your Moto Q’s flash into a flashlight.

Pocket Light for Moto Q

The software is currently at beta 2, so it’s anticipated it will be released shortly. Here are the features of Pocket Light for Moto Q:

  • Screen Light: Turns the screen bright white and turns off the screen’s backlight timer. The Screen Light, being a softer light than the camera flash, can be great for reading at night.
  • Morse code: Use the flashlight to send low-tech Morse Code messages (new in Beta 2) with your high-tech Motorola Q.
  • Auto On: Conveniently starts the flash as soon as the program loads.
  • Auto Off: Saves your battery life by allowing you to set a timer to automatically turn off the flashlight.

Pocket Light

For more information, please visit Armanta.

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