PeerMe Launches VoIP Software for Motorola Q

Voice communications technology company PeerMe, which enables free global communication through mobile phones, today announced the availability of its software for the Motorola Q smart phone. According to company Founder and CEO Tom Lasater, “PeerMe is currently the only VoIP software that works with the wildly successful Motorola Q, as well as many other popular mobile communications devices.” For more information, or to test the beta version, please contact

According to Lasater, “everyone in the industry seems intimidated by Skype because they are such a large player in the VoIP industry, but we think there is plenty of room for a nimble, forward-thinking company like PeerMe to succeed in this trillion-dollar marketplace. We have a great product pipeline, and our smart phone version, which is compatible with the Motorola Q and the Treo 700w smart phones, is just the tip of the iceberg.”

PeerMe uses VoIP technology to enable mobile phone users to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world for free. Users can pay their mobile carrier a flat fee for a high speed mobile data plan and can use PeerMe to make unlimited calls from their cell phones.

Lasater explains the value proposition for the consumer, “The cost conscious consumer can now pay a flat fee of $50 per month to Verizon for unlimited EVDO access, or $25 per month to Sprint and use PeerMe from their cell phone to talk to anyone anywhere in the world for an unlimited amount of time. Unlimited data plans of high speed broadband wireless combined with Windows Mobile 5 has completely changed the landscape for the consumer.

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