Paul Thurrott Gives The Lowdown On Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy For 2012

As Paul Thurrott, owner of Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows, has given some insight on Microsoft’s plans for 2012 with the Windows Phone. As he sat in CES he wrote up a lengthy article on what Microsoft is planning, what to expect and some honest opinions. We went through the editorial and summed up the good juice for you, blended it, and have it all served below for your easy reading. As always, feel free to read the original post at the link above. If not, continue reading if you just want the quick details.

  • Microsoft hardware partners (Nokia, Samsung and HTC) are going to invest millions upon millions of dollars in Windows Phone in the coming months. Specifically, almost $200 million in the United States in the first half of 2012. Microsoft and Nokia will spend $130 million marketing just a single Windows Phone the Lumia 900 on AT&T alone, also in the first half of 2012. Finally, Samsung and HTC are each contributing their share of millions in the first half of 2012 also in the United States to start.
  • All the money distribution will go toward so-called “below the line” marketing efforts, which are those efforts aimed directly at retail sales professionals, or RSPs (“Above the line” marketing efforts would involve TV and web ads, billboards, etc.). As soon as wireless carrier reps heard about this marketing investment for Windows Phone comments flew around that this is the way business is done. One rep even proceeded to comment, that if Microsoft along with partners will put such effort into marketing, that they will gladly “sell the crap out of the Windows Phone.”
  • With the Windows Phone market getting bigger and more diverse, and updates to be had, Microsoft will no longer be providing any guidance about these updates (as we have already reported). All updates will also not be available to all users, there will be many more updates, but they will be more targeted to specific markets, devices and/or carriers.
  • The Windows Phone is expected to receive two major updates this year, Tango first and Apollo later in the year. The addition of LTE-capable phones on AT&T in the first half of 2012 won’t require an update because, surprise, surprise, the current version of the software secretly already supported this.
  • The Tango update is intended to target only new devices that will be sold in emerging markets. Seeing Windows Phone expand into so many markets in 2012, and further in the future, this is the same reason the update page is almost impossible to be updated any longer. It would be insane the amount of users complaining about not receiving every little update in over 30 markets so to speak. This update is expected to bring better performance and better battery life, focused on low tier devices.
  • The Apollo update is expected in Q4 of 2012 where many speculate it will bring Windows Phone 8 with it (as Mango brought Windows Phone 7.5) ¬†and will release alongside Windows 8 PCs. As shown in the leaked roadmap, the Apollo update will bring¬†more features mostly focused on businesses, and it will enable Windows Phone OS compatibility with dual core devices and HD screens. Alongside the release of the Apollo update should come the next generation of Windows Phone handsets, of course, boasting HD screens and dual core processors.

Some of the real information Paul has given is a little old and already mentioned, or leaked, but many do have faith in Paul Thurrott for having the ‘inside’ on many of Microsoft’s product plans. With that said, with his information, we can make sure the rumors were rumors, or true otherwise.

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