Pandora Non-Committal On WP7 App

Internet radio wunderkind and perennial mobile battery drainer Pandora doesn’t seem too sure if they’re headed to WP7 or not. Pandora was one of the original development partners announced, but on twitter the company said yesterday:

I’m not sure if/when we will be available on [Windows Phone 7]. Appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic suggestions. I’m passing the feedback on.

Pandora sent out a message to BGR, telling them:

While we’re excited to see companies innovating and while we’re not ready to make an announcement specifically related to the Win 7 phone, we generally want to be everywhere our listeners want us to be.

While they’re not specifically denying an app is in the works, they’re being cagey about working on one. I guess they’re waiting to see how the platform performs as a whole.


  1. Evan says

    The folks at Pandora should rethink their commitment to being everywere…WP7 is here to stay. Pandora is a decent app, but nolonger the best of its kind ( is better for sure). In fact, I’d rather listen to Zune Market place for $14/mo with endless music I want to listent to, rather than random suggestions which are 50% worth listening to with lame adds in between every few song. Pandora is nolonger what it was…so although be nice to have it, no real loss.

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