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Nokia Pulse Beta update offers revisited experience and focus on use-case scenario


The Nokia Pulse Beta application on the Windows Phone went public last October, and since then Nokia has been collecting feedback. Nokia today announced that an update to the current Nokia Pulse Beta application offers a revisited experience. With new features, a focus on what users really use the application for, andĀ simplification, Nokia Pulse is going places even before … [Read more...]

The Big Three Windows Phone 8 Hardware Features


The Windows Phone 8 has been announced today at the Developer Summit by Microsoft. The first highlight, and definitely most important, is what makes the Windows Phone 8 so different from Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5. The difference is in the hardware for Windows Phone 8, that is the same reason we are advancing the Windows Phone to a new number, so to speak. Windows … [Read more...]

Exclusive Nokia Creative Studios Windows Phone Application Now Available


Ā  Nokia has released yet another Lumia Windows Phone exclusive application, this time it's Nokia Creative Studios. Nokia Creative Studios is Nokia's version of a photo editing application. One of the first noted features of the application is the fact that users can take panoramic pictures. Hopefully, this isn't the supposed panorama mode Damian Dinning hinted at previously, … [Read more...]