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Windows Phone Traffic Coverage Improved And Expanded With The Help Of Nokia


The partnership between Microsoft and Nokia is starting to bring even more improvements to Bing services, especially on the Windows Phone. This time, we are talking about a better Maps application on the Windows Phone. With the help of Nokia, there is more traffic coverage in the Windows Phone Maps application. Secondary to these map improvements on the Windows Phone, users … [Read more...]

Huawei Finally Working On Windows Phone Devices To Release In 2012


Ever since the announced partnership plans between Huawei and Microsoft, Huawei has long been missing in the Windows world. The partnership did go through back in the end of 2011, but Huawei has yet to mention any Windows device plans. According to WPDang, Huawei finally has a team working on some Windows devices to release by the end of 2012. Huawei has also been occupied … [Read more...]

Rumor: Manufacturers To Receive Windows Phone 8 Build During June 20th Developer Summit


According to "industry sources" claimed by Digitimes, the latest rumor concerning what will be revealed at the June 20th Developer Summit is that a build of Windows Phone 8 will be released to manufacturers. This build will be far from RTM, as June is very early for the planned release of Windows Phone 8 code named Apollo. This release of Windows Phone 8 to manufacturers, if … [Read more...]

June 20th Microsoft Developer Summit Now Promises A Sneak Peek Of Windows Phone’s Future


Looks like Microsoft changed their plans for the June 20th Developer Summit, or they just stayed quiet up until now about a sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone. That's right, on June 20th you now have even more reason to save the date, as Microsoft has revealed that on that day you will indeed see the future of Windows Phone. That future is expected to involve the next … [Read more...]

Rumor: Windows Phone Tango Update To Bring Unique Changes To Nokia Lumia Devices

White Nokia Lumia 900

Rumors are continuing to build up as the expected release of the Windows Phone Tango update approaches. This time, the following rumors are the latest stirring up on the Internet: The Marketplace on Lumia devices will be renamed (with a corresponding logo) to "Nokia Marketplace" Further improvements to battery life Nokia will release an application that will allow … [Read more...]