Over 500 New Features Coming To Windows Phone With Mango Update

The Microsoft Developer Forum 2011 is taking place today at Shinagawa Intercity, Japan, and Steve Ballmer has announced great information on the VIP preview¬†May 24 event tomorrow. The biggest information he announced today is that over 500 new features will be coming to Windows Phone via “Mango” (Windows Phone 7.5). Now, we don’t expect all these 500 to be shown off at the event tomorrow, but hopefully we can see some new ones besides what was shown at MIX11.

Being that the event is taking place in Japan, Ballmer also stated that there will be announcements tomorrow on who will be building Windows Phone and what carriers will be offering them. Add this information to the rumored nine new Windows Phone devices being announced tomorrow, and it looks like tomorrow’s event will be very worthy of watching. Don’t worry we will have all the coverage for you here as soon as we get information.


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