One Year On, Microsoft Talks App Numbers

In a rather substantial blog post, Microsoft’s Brandon Watson has taken the time to discuss what the year since Microsoft unveiled their application platform and tools for WP7 has brought. Microsoft seems pretty pleased with what they’ve created with the developer community, breaking it down into some rather substantial stats:

  • 1.5 million downloads of the developer toolkit
  • 36,000 developers paid to join AppHub, with 1,200 more joining a week
  • 11,500 apps — and they won’t accept lazy wallpaper apps and the like
  • 7,500 paid apps — that’s 2/3 of all of them
  • WP7 users download 12 apps per month on average
  • It takes just 1.8 days for Microsoft to certify most apps, and 62% get in on their first try

It’s an incredibly impressive set of numbers, and one that definitely shows Microsoft’s dedication to the developer community — even if 60% of the devs haven’t published anything yet.

I just wish that this sort of transparency came from all sides of the WP7 team, and we could finally see some firm sale numbers, and get an idea for how many handsets are out there.


  1. WheresWinPho says

    No one is posting it (even though I tipped all WinPho blogs) so here is what I discovered. If you slide the predicted text bar to the right after pasting on WP7 the paste icon will appear again. Allowing you to paste the same thing again. Tapping the very left edge of the same bar also brings the button back(this works well for pasting multiple times in a row with many taps to the same area). Have fun!

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