Official Engadget Application Now Available for WP7!

If you’re a tech aficionado (why else you would be reading this anyway) then the Engadget application is finally available on the WP7! The application has the essential features you would find on the website itself: Videos, Galleries, Topics, Podcasts and even a “Tip Us” feature all right on your WP7. The application is FREE which shouldn’t surprise you. Stop wasting time and go download this must have application!

Download Link (Zune Desktop Software): Engadget

At the moment the application is still propagating onto the marketplace so it should be available shortly.


  1. says

    wonder what happened with this app? If you follow the link it opens up the market place, you can see the app but cannot download it. Also it looks like engadget’s rss reader vanished from the marketplace too.

  2. Papalati says

    WP7 Marketplace not showing up.

    Zune Marketplace not showing up unless you click the link provided in the article then it shows up, but doesn’t allow you to download it.


    • Festis says

      I can’t download\install the app from Zune, and it’s not found at all using the in-phone marketplace. What’s going on?

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