Nokia’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations talks Verizon and Sprint, PureView, and future Windows Phone devices

Neowin sat down with Richard Kerris, Nokia’s VP of Worldwide Developer Relations, where he talked about Windows Phone on Sprint and Verizon, the future of PureView, and making concepts a reality with future devices. We break down all the juicy Windows Phone details right below for your easy reading.

  • “It won’t be long” before Lumia Windows Phones are available through Verizon and Sprint
  • As mentioned before by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, PureView technology on Lumia Windows Phones will happen “very soon”
  • Kerris believes¬†carriers will put together¬†attractive¬†options for updating your device to a Windows Phone 8 product
  • Nokia has over 30,000 patents and 10,000 that are active and will aggressively defend them if necessary to protect their technology
  • Nokia is making such concepts as bendable screens and complete wrap around displays a reality in their R&D facilities
  • Device self-awareness and child use detection are also being developed as concepts for future devices

The best part of the interview between Kerris and Neowin is that he apparently threw his Lumia 900 across the room to prove a point. That point he proved? Nokia is committed to great products that are durable, last long, and change the game which each innovation. When Kerris threw his phone across the room, he picked it up and it still worked as if he had just bought it, no scratches and no dings.

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