Nokia WP7 Phones Already In The Works, To Get Special Edition Of The OS?

Nokia’s Stephen Elop has confirmed that the first round of Nokia WP7 phones is already in the works, that they’ll be available from 2012, and that Microsoft has no interest in buying the manufacturer. He said:

“We’re right now, today, having people work on the first Windows Phone devices from Nokia. That work is already under way. If this was an acquisition scenario, that wouldn’t be possible.”
At the same time, we’re hearing a rumor that the special friendship between Nokia and Microsoft may mean that Nokia WP7 handsets will get some special features. According to the rumors, MWC 2012 will see Nokia unveil their version of the OS, which will haveĀ “several new software upgrades, exclusive functions for Nokia phones and software that will not be available for other manufacturers who licence the OS.”

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