Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices will be available before the end of 2012

After other OEMs like HTC and Huawei either leaked or confirmed the Windows Phone 8 devices they are working on, Nokia still has remained quiet about what they have up their sleeves. Not that we expected any OEMs to jump up and down for Windows Phone 8 attention, but as far as remaining competitive it is a surprise Nokia has been quiet.

Regardless, according to WPDang, it was rumored that Nokia would not have their Windows Phone 8 devices available until early 2013. Now, according to sources from WPDang, Nokia has boosted production and is set to release the first Windows Phone 8 devices before 2012 ends. The other big information is that China will be included alongside other countries with the initial launch of the Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. This is almost never the case with China, China is always very late to receive devices once they have been released in other countries. Nokia will keep China up to par by releasing devices at the same time as other big countries (ie. U.S., U.K.).

The only thing to hope for now is that Nokia does release the devices in time for the holiday 2012 season. That would make it real easy to capture a big customer base when the Windows Phone 8 devices become available.

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