Nokia Will Not Introduce New Windows Phone at August Event

When invites when out for a Microsoft/Nokia party in Cologne, there was speculation that we might see the formal introduction of the first Nokia Windows Phone. While it’s still possible that we’ll get a further sneak peek at the Nokia Windows Phone codenamed Sea Ray, sources have told This Is My Next that the Gamescon event will not include the unveiling of any new hardware product. The next big events on the calendar are CTIA in and Nokia World, both happening in October. For an event of this scale, the two companies will likely schedule an event intended for the hardware unveil.

Source: This Is My Next


  1. E K says

    You know what? Nokia can kiss my ass! The company is failing big time in the smartphone world, and instead of jumping on a chance to flood the market with badass phones running the most unique new OS, windows phone 7, they are taking their sweet time releasing a phone? What do they think, android and apple are just gonna sit and wait for their lazy ass? Fuck nokia!

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