Nokia Will Not Have Multi-Core Windows Phones For Some Time – CEO States They Just Waste Batteries

Nokia will not develop a multi-core Windows Phone device anytime soon, that includes even dual-core and quad-core. The reason? Nokia CEO Stephen Elop states, in an interview with a Chinese newspaper, that multi-core devices only waste batteries more than anything else. Elop specifically mentions that creating a device with multi-core processors like the Windows Phone will simply waste battery more often when compared to the amount of times it will be necessary.

At the moment, other Windows Phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, are producing or have already produced multi-core Windows Phone devices. However, with this statement from Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, we can rest assured that Nokia has no multi-core plans for their Windows Phones at the moment.

Truthfully, as long as Nokia continues making great Windows Phone devices such as the Lumia 900, we don’t see any reason to implement multi-core either. If it doesn’t need it and it’s already quick and easy then no need to waste resources.



  1. Jock says

    That’s crazy.

    Multi-core processors can sometimes save power, with proper energy management.

    The one and only reason Elop says multi-core processors are no good, is because the operating system he uses, Windows Phone, is incapable of recognising them.

    The second that Windows Phone 8 arrives, which is can handle multi-core processors, you can bet your bottom dollar that Elop will change his tune and start offering them.

  2. mike says

    Sounds like really bad news for Nokia sales. So. Nokia doesn’t want to build the dream phone? HTC will.

    • GoS says

      1080P does not necessarily require dual core, however the current requirement for windows phone is the snapdragon line of processors. Within the processor there is an image signal processor for the camera and a video decoder that can process 720p or 1080p depending on the model of processor. Windows phone can only use single core processors, which are older and thus have older tech as far as video decoding and camera ISPs, which means no 1080p and less versatile camera features (except htc titan which uses its own dedicated ISP, though it still can’t manage 1080p due to the older decoder).

      Newer snapdragon chips are multicore and have support for 1080p etc. These will not appear in windows phones til WP8.

  3. Kev says

    No manufacturer has released or produced a WP7.device with multi core processors and what Elop stated does not mean that Windows 8 Nokia devices won’t have them. This is just rehashing old news.

  4. mikep says

    Windows server 2008 R2 can turn off unused cores to save power. Therefore, this is not an adequate reason for not supporting multi-core.

  5. Prasenjit Bist says

    fyi … The legendary and worlds best camera phone nokia 808 pure view runs on symbian
    operating system and has a single core 1 ghz cpu and captues photos and 1080p
    videos better than any best of the best phone you may pick. You know tje companion chip
    on the 808 handles 16 billion pixels where as the so called dual cores in market
    canot handle more than 20 megapixels. So to deliver a premium experience as Mr.
    Elop said nokia or windows phone will really not need a dualcore. And any enery management
    algo can not make dual core too efficient , i guess android oems add this junkie specs
    as they really dont have much to differentiate .

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