Nokia Wants Your Help Naming Their First Windows Phone

Nokia has taken to crowdsourcing the name of their upcoming line of Windows Phones, sending out a survey about which name they should slap on the American line. Started on Nokia’s blog, the survey allows users to try and get a handset that doesn’t have a completely silly name — but also allows trolls to get some potentially awful choices in the running, too.

So far, the big draws are:

  • Elite 4%
  • Evolution 3%
  • Fusion 6%
  • Genesis 8%
  • Metro 6%
  • Phoenix 14%
  • Prime 3%
  • Other 15%

So unless things change remarkably over the next few days, it looks like the Nokia Phoenix may be the next step in the world of Windows Phone.

But man, reading through the comments and suggestions, some people posit some really, really bad names. Nokia Metamorfosis? Oh, hell no.

[via Business Insider]

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