Nokia To Remain Independent And Bring Unique Experience To Windows Phone Devices

At a recent event held in China, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, ruled out the possibility of Microsoft acquiring Nokia. He immediately ruled out such possibility after Google acquired Motorola, and speculators said the same would happen with Microsoft and Nokia. Such is not the case, for now. Elop continued on detailing exactly what Nokia coming to the Windows Phone means for Microsoft and Nokia, and for the end user when they purchase a new Nokia Windows Phone device.

Elop stated that Nokia will continue on its own independently and is set to release its first Windows Phone powered device by the end of 2011. He continues, detailing that the Microsoft-Nokia relationship is unique in the exclusive way that Microsoft gave Nokia complete access to source code which no other manufacturer has access to at the moment, for any Windows Phone device. That is a huge advantage for Nokia indeed, but speculators are reacting carefully to this ‘advantage’ which some fear may come as a disadvantage if Nokia changes the natural Windows Phone interface uncontrollably.

Nokia is also sharing a great deal with Microsoft for the Windows Phone project to go ahead, including key services and “innovations” to help differentiate Windows Phone running Nokia devices from the other Windows Phone devices on the market.

Along with a unique software experience provided by Nokia, they will provide distinct designs for Windows Phone devices they claim will be unlike any seen to date.

With the history of design and user interface that Nokia already has a reputation for, what do you want them to bring to the Windows Phone?


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