Nokia To Announce ‘Significant Industry News’ At MWC 2012 – Watch It Live

Mobile World Congress 2012 is set to begin on February 27th, and Nokia is taking the stage first thing on day one. In a Nokia press release it has been stated that “Nokia will host a press conference, where it will announce significant industry news.” While we hope this isn’t news we already know (see: Nokia taking the number one spot), we really don’t have any other assumptions besides Nokia announcing even more awesome Windows Phone devices. Ok fine, maybe they will announce some planned Windows 8 tablets, why not, they probably would be just as awesome.

The Nokia press conference will be hosted by Stephen Elop, President and CEO of Nokia, accredited media and registered attendees will be allowed in on a first-come first served basis. For further details on registration click here.

Nokia will stream the live event at so be sure to tune in promptly on February 27, 2012, at 8:30 AM CET, to find out just what this “significant industry news” turns out to be.


  1. VICTOR says

    It will somehow go like this tomorrow….
    Elop: I’m on the verge of totally destroying Nokia now. Symbian? What is that? And no, I don’t know any Carla.

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