Nokia reveals Gotham City 3D for your Dark Knight thrills and chills (oh, and prizes too!)

It is no secret that Nokia has gone bat-crazy over the last months with exclusive Lumia Batman Windows Phones releasing in several countries, exclusive covers, promotions, you name it. Seriously, it stinks that not even the Batman Limited Edition Lumia 900 Windows Phone made an appearance in the United States. Anyway, what you came here for: Nokia has revealed the Gotham City 3D experience.

This is your chance to explore Gotham City, especially before The Dark Knight Rises movie releases in the upcoming weeks. Sure, we could keep talking, but there are secrets hidden in the experience which can let you grab awesome swag, prizes, and even Batman Lumia 900 Windows Phones. So, get to it and put your Batman skills to work folks!

The main part of the experience is an in-depth tour through the streets of Gotham, visiting the key locations from the film.

But there’s also a game embedded, with a competition for some fantastic prizes ranging from amazing Lumia 900 batphones to a limited-edition Dark Knight cowl.

We’ve been warned that the questions are tough, though, so you’ll need all your bat-senses about you if you’re to find the answers. Keep an eye on Nokia’s Facebook page for some of the information you’ll need to succeed.

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