Nokia Pulse Beta update offers revisited experience and focus on use-case scenario

The Nokia Pulse Beta application on the Windows Phone went public last October, and since then Nokia has been collecting feedback. Nokia today announced that an update to the current Nokia Pulse Beta application offers a revisited experience. With new features, a focus on what users really use the application for, and simplification, Nokia Pulse is going places even before becoming official.

We like to say that Nokia Pulse is smarter messaging. It automatically tags what you send with where you are, and even lets you suggest a place to meet, complete with ratings and reviews, map, directions, and more. You can do this all in one Nokia Pulse message, instead of sending text after text to say where you are and decide where to meet.

Nokia made the update announcement over on the Nokia Conversations blog, providing plenty of information. Such information includes how to use Nokia Pulse wisely, how to download it, and how it just got even better.

Nokia Pulse has just got even better

During the last months we’ve been also working on additional improvements:

  • You can now sign-in on Nokia Pulse with your Facebook account
  • You can start a new conversation as soon as you open Nokia Pulse
  • The Nokia Pulse live tile now shows more information about unread messages
  • The overall performance of Nokia Pulse has been improved
  • You can now consolidate multiple email addresses for a person…
  • …and more easily correct a misspelled email address
  • Your friend who aren’t using Nokia Pulse just yet will get a direct link to the mobile client for their specific phone for a mobile Nokia Pulse experience

If you have already been using Nokia Pulse on your Windows Phone, you will get the usual update notification through the Marketplace. Otherwise, we will provide a download link at the end of this article. Nokia does warn users that there may be a publishing delay, and the new version you should be looking for is By the way, you may have already assumed that this application is Lumia exclusive, it’s not, Nokia Pulse Beta is available to download on all Windows Phones right now. Maybe the final version will be Lumia Windows Phone exclusive, but we will find out when that time comes.

How to use Nokia Pulse to meet up with friends

Nokia Pulse is as easy as text messaging, but much more powerful. If you want to suggest a place to meet, thanks to the Nokia Maps integration, you can automatically add details like ratings, reviews, the website URL and even a link to call the place directly, all from within Nokia Pulse.

When your friends receive your message, they can tap once to see the location on a map and tap again to get walking, drive or public transit directions when they’re ready to go. To follow up a conversation you can now pin it to start and receive the latest notifications in the relevant live tile.

Jenny from the Pulse team shares her experience on the latest Nokia Pulse beta.

“I had landed in Berlin for a business trip. While waiting for a taxi, I checked Nokia Pulse to see what happened in our game at home. I noticed that one of my football teammates was staying at a hotel in Berlin Mitte, close to where I was staying.”

“I immediately sent him a Nokia Pulse message asking if he was free any nights. He was available that night so I found a great new restaurant that was close to both of our hotels, and I sent him a Nokia Pulse message, which already included the reviews and ratings and directions, asking if he’d like to eat there.”

“We agreed to meet at 8 so I called the restaurant directly from Nokia Pulse and made a reservation. After I checked in to my hotel, I went back to the Nokia Pulse message and got walking directions to the restaurant. We had a great time at dinner, and since we were both there all week, we made plans to meet again on Thursday to watch the Germany/Italy football match. What a great way to spend part of my trip!”

Nokia Pulse photo detailNokia Pulse more photo detail

Download Link: Nokia Pulse Beta


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