Nokia Promises Low Cost WP7 Phones Quickly

This whole Nokia mess is getting rather confusing. We recently heard that we won’t see any Nokia WP7 phones for some time, but at the same time, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has just been quoted talking about getting cheap models into the market quickly. Spotted by SlashGear, Elop is pushing the importance of low cost smartphones — arguably the next big market for smartphones — and Microsoft convinced them to reach “a very low price point.” Said Elop, “we have become convinced that we can do that very quickly.”

This could lead to an interesting “race to the bottom.” Currently, WP7 phones are constantly available on sale or discount it feels, and usually purchasable for an extremely low price. Android, on the other hand, is now getting into low price basic handsets, and there are rumors of a cut-price iPhone in the works, too. Will Nokia be able to hit Microsoft’s hardware requirements in a low-cost package? That’ll be the big question.


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