Nokia Lumia Momentum Map Syncs You With The Nokia Windows Phone World

In the past few days we have quickly grown fond of yet another resource provided by Nokia, the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map. We will keep the explanation short and simple so you can see for yourself just how awesome the website is. When it comes to finding out what Nokia Windows Phones are currently available around the world, photos and videos about them, and even tweets via Twitter, the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map is your go to resource for all that. You can browse content by region, or simply use the map to click on a specific country and view all the content you want regarding Nokia and Windows Phone. The website is regularly updated with information on Nokia Windows Phones releasing soon, or already available, all around the world. Even the map they use is part of Nokia Maps, it can’t get any better.

Be sure to bookmark this amazing resource, and thank you to Nokia for providing it!

As you can see below, there are 4 Lumia Windows Phones currently available or coming soon, depending on the part of the world. 35 Available markets, 60+ available operators, and over 65,000+ available applications are also the current statistics shown on the momentum map.

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