Nokia Lumia Exclusive Six Flags application now available on Windows Phone Marketplace

As part of the many partnerships that Nokia has locked in with Windows Phone, they have now released yet another exclusive application for their Lumia Windows Phones. This time, the official Six Flags applications is available for download on the Windows Phone Marketplace, exclusively to Lumia devices.

The Six Flags application serves as the ultimate park guide for any of the 11 Six Flags parks across all of the United States. Below we have the official run down of the Six Flags application by none other than the Nokia Conversations blog.

You can find a download link at the end of this post. Remember, this is another application that is part of the Nokia Collection exclusive to Lumia Windows Phones. No word yet on when, and if, the application will become available for other Windows Phones.

Know before you go

The key to enjoying your summer day at the park will include loading up this app to help plan out your time.

 Six Flags TV

You start out with the Six Flags app by choosing which park you plan on attending. For me, I chose Six Flags Over Texas as I may be in Dallas this summer. You can chose the your park either by selecting it’s name on a list or by pointing to a map with dots for each park.

There are top-level navigation menus you can slide through including menu (explored more below), Six Flag TV that shows videos from the parks, and social updates that shows the Twitter feed for that individual park. You can even check into Foursqure to brag that you’re at the amusement park for the day!

The Menu tab is where you’ll find the most useful information including basic park info such as location, one-click guided navigation and park hours.

Six Flags Menu Six Flags TV

Click on Map and Navigation and you’ll be taken to an interactive map of the park. My favorite feature is the reality view where you can get an augmented reality view based on your exact location in the park and see what’s around you with online info. Think Nokia City Lens but tailored to the Six Flag Park where you are located.

Park Map Park Hours

With Rides, you can plan out your visit before you go. There are filters based on the Thrill Rating for each ride and even categories such as Family Rides, Thrill Rides, by height and so on. So if you want to see all the medium thrilling rides that you can go on with your child who’s, let’s say, 40″ tall, you can get that detailed in this tool. Pretty handy!

Shop and be in the know about special events

Going to an amusement park always just about rides. Sometimes there are special concerts or events that you want to be in the know about. With the Six Flags app you can see what’s going on during the specific day you’re going to be at the park and you can also plan ahead if there’s an event you want to be onsite for as it happens.

Six Flags Special Events Shopping options

Lastly – if you want to see what food and shopping adventures lie inside Six Flags, you’re covered. The application lists all eateries and even ice cream carts inside the park, so you can tailor your dining choices to your families current mood.

If you’re heading to a Six Flags park this summer – be sure to load up this app. You’ll find it to be very useful!

Download Link: Six Flags (Nokia Lumia Windows Phone exclusive)

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