Nokia Lumia exclusive Kaliki application now available on Windows Phone Marketplace

Yet another exclusive Nokia Lumia Windows Phone application hits the Marketplace today. Oh, and we have another one to talk about in the next article related to the good ol’ Batman. A definitely unique application, Kaliki is now available exclusively to all Lumia Windows Phones. Below we give you some details on what the application is all about.

Kaliki is essentially the news version of Audible, it reads the news to you in a gentle narrative voice. That’s right, the biggest thing you will notice when you download and use Kaliki is the fact that the news is not even read to you by an automated robot voice, but by a soothing narrator. Kaliki uses news sources such as CNN, NY Times, and USA Today. In Kaliki, you choose the news you want to listen to based on the categories which include headlines, sports, technology, celebrities, and more. A constant data connection is required for Kaliki use.

Kaliki is not a service owned by Nokia, but Nokia’s Windows Phones are the first platform to adopt the Kaliki service. Kaliki is set to release on other platforms, it is just not available yet. Kaliki wants to be “Pandora for magazines” at some point.

Download Link: Kaliki (Nokia Lumia Windows Phone exclusive)



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