Nokia Lumia 920 Won’t Release Until Late November

According to a report this morning from Reuters, citing a source within a European wireless carrier, the new flagship Nokia Lumia 920 will release sometime in the latter half of November. Still no word on when the Lumia 820 will be available. This release date will still allow Nokia to get on shelves prior to the important holiday shopping season.

The eastern European executive commented on Nokia’s strategy of such an early announcement for a late November release.

“The problem is that Nokia has temporarily destroyed the market for its own phones. Nobody will buy the old Windows phone and until the new Lumia comes, the market is absolutely dead.”

Nokia’s done a fantastic job with the Lumia 920, but the early announcement followed by a late November release date won’t help their cause. It’s also unclear if this date will be the same in the US, which one would assume would be on AT&T.


  1. Fdaf31 says

    The report doesn’t name the country, the carrier, the source. Yesterday an article said Germany mid October. We all know phone are released at different times around the world, something Reuters doesn’t know. Stupid article.

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