Nokia Lumia 900 Software Update Available Ahead of Schedule

Shortly after the Nokia Lumia 900 release, they became aware of an issue that was causing issues with data connectivity. Obviously not a good thing for a smartphone. Nokia acknowledged the issue, promising a software update and a $100 credit for those who purchased the Lumia prior to April 21st. The software fix, officially promised for an April 16th release, is available now. Nokia has pushed out the update early.

Nokia Lumia 900

To recap, that’s $100 in your pocket and one of the quickest software updates we’ve seen.

Source: Nokia Conversations


  1. Doug says

    And yet still no keyboard fix for the rest of us on AT&T… I filed a complaint with the BBB and have already spoken with someone from AT&T’s “Executive Response Team” who gave me a canned response until I pushed her further and highlighted the fact that the Lumia 900 and HTC titan II are being sold with the keyboard fixed so the release obviously was tested on their networks so there’s no excuse. She’s supposed to get back to me Monday. I suggest everyone file a complaint with the BBB. Maybe they’ll get the hint.

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