Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan now available through Rogers in Canada

Turns out the cyan Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone that was discovered about a month ago was legit. Rogers in Canada now has the cyan version of the Lumia 900 Windows Phone available for purchase.

If you are interested, you have three purchase options for the handset: phone and plan, phone only – no term, and a family plan. On phone and plan you have the following options: 3 years – $29.99, 2 years – $424.99, 1 year – $474.99, and monthly $474.99. The Lumia 900 phone only with no term will cost $524.99. On a family plan you have two purchase options: 3 years – $29.99 and 2 years – $424.99.

Oh, by the way, as you’ll notice on the Rogers Lumia 900 product page, if you purchase and activate the handset on a 3-year plan online you also receive a free compatible Bluetooth headset and free shipping. Visit the Lumia 900 product page for more information and to make your purchase.


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