Nokia Lumia 900 Beats iPhone 4S, Galaxy S In Outdoor Readability Testing

If you own the Nokia Lumia 900, then take comfort in knowing that you own the best in class phone when it comes to outdoor readability testing. This comes from DisplayMate labs, who conducted testing and gathered data on viewing displays in an outdoor environment. The win can be attributed to Nokia’s use of a ClearBlack Display, which helps to counter the use of an AMOLED display, which is traditionally lackluster when used in sunlight.

Lumia 900 outdoors

As for the rear, that’s picked up by Samsung’s Galaxy S. The iPhone 4 came in second. Let’s hope this kind of report gets noticed, since the vast majority of utilize our phones outdoors, making this a big plus for the Lumia.

Source: DisplayMate via The Verge

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