Nokia Lumia 900 Accessories Now Available On AT&T Website

It’s always a great investment to protect your mobile devices from the moment they leave the store you purchase them at. AT&T agrees, and now all currently available Nokia Lumia 900 accessories are available for purchase on the AT&T website. Presumably, these accessories will also be available at your local AT&T store, although there may be limited stock or an incomplete lineup, hence we urge you to buy your accessories online.

We will cover the currently available accessories lineup for you below.

  • Official Nokia gel cases you may have already seen before, available in black, cyan, and magenta. Price of $20.00 each.
  • ¬†Official Nokia bumpers for your device, available in blue and green. Price of $20.00 each.
  • Alternatively available accessories include a Case-mate Black/Gray POP Case ($35.00), ZAGG Invisible Shield Dry Apply ($30.00), iFrogz 2-pk Gels with Shell Cocoon Case ($30.00), and finally Moshi Black Anti-Glare/Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector ($25.00). All are pictured below in order.

We recommend you order what you want online as soon as possible, come release this Sunday most customers are usually inclined to purchase accessories at time of sale. Especially with great deals to be had on the web and at AT&T stores on the Lumia 900, accessories will surely be considered by many. Us personally, we wouldn’t be caught walking out without that Nokia gel case and that ZAGG or Moshi screen protector.

AT&T via Windows Phone Daily

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