Nokia Lumia 800 In Australia – Telstra Launch Date And Pricing Confirmed

Nokia Lumia 800

Windows Phone Down Under initially received a tip on some information regarding the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 800 to Australia, but even that tip has now been confirmed by Telstra. The information confirmed is as follows:

  • LAUNCH DATE:            Tuesday 13th March.
  • OUTRIGHT PRICE:       $672 outright (-$27 or 3.9% discount off RRP).
  • PLAN WITH NO MRO:  $59 Freedom Connect Plan or above (with MRO Bonus used, no extra payment).
  • $49 FC PLAN (entry):   $10 MRO payment (ie $59 total p/m).
  • COLOURS for sale:      Matte Black and Gloss White only at launch.

Short and to the point, good launch date we say, and not too far off to wait a little more. Anyone in Australia going out to purchase a Lumia 800 on day one?


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